Plant-Based Food And Nutrients That Boosts The Immune System

Vegan Breakfast
Vegan Breakfast
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are more aware of the importance of having good immunity. Over the years, studies have shown that following a plant-based diet or eating more plant-based food boosts your immune system. This, when combined with an active lifestyle, lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, heart attacks, stroke, etc. Due to these reasons, healthcare experts advise their patients to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly to lead a healthy lifestyle. This article focuses on plant-based foods that help to boost your immune system.

Nutrients In Plant-Based Food That Boosts The Immune System

Research has shown that a wholefood plant-based diet helps to manage weight, boosts the immune system, and lowers cardiovascular inflammation, which is one of the main causes of heart diseases.

Listed below are the nutrients in plant-based food that have immunity-boosting properties:

  • Vitamins C And E: These vitamins are powerful antioxidants that help to reduce the damage to cells and tissues due to the oxidative stress by free radicals. This boosts the body’s natural immune response.
  • Vitamin D: Studies have shown that this vitamin reduces the risk of viral infections as well as helps in the prevention of chronic diseases.
  • Beta-Carotene: Beta-carotene found in carrots and sweet potatoes is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system. It reduces inflammation and improves immunity by augmenting the disease-fighting capacity of white blood cells.
  • Zinc: This mineral is an important micronutrient that boosts the function of white blood cells, and it is found in plant-based food like nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils.

Immunity-Boosting Food To Include In Your Plant-Based Meal


Garlic is excellent for boosting the immune system because it contains antioxidants like allicin, diallyl disulfide, alliin, and allyl cysteine. These compounds protect your body against the damages caused by free radicals. Also, they improve gut health, which in turn boosts the immune system, as both are linked.


Ginger root is one of the plant-based foods that have the highest amounts of antioxidants. It prevents oxidative stress and reduces the damage due to antioxidants. Also, it has good anti-inflammatory effects. Like garlic, ginger is also useful for maintaining gut health.

Red Cabbage

Raw and pickled cabbage contains polyphenols like quercetin, kaempferol, and apigenin. They have health benefits and are packed with antioxidants. Also, among the different types of cabbage, red cabbage has the highest polyphenolic content. So, a bowl of cabbage soup, blanched cabbage in noodles, or raw cabbage in salads helps to keep your immune system in healthy condition.

The best way to improve your immunity is to eat more plant-based food with immune-boosting effects along with following a healthy lifestyle. We hope that the details shared above were of use to you.